Silikomart Professional: Kit Klassik 580 silikonski kalup

86.65 kn

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Key Features

Size: 192 mm x 221 mm x 15 mm (height)
Diameter: Ø 157 mm
Cavity Volume: 290 ml
Cavities: 2
Total volume: 580 ml

The Silikomart Professional Kit Klassik 580 is composed by two silicone moulds Ø 157 h 15 mm. The white mould is conceived to create a mousse or a cremoso while the brick red one is ideal for shortcrust bases, streusel or others baked preparations. The combination between the cold upper part and the baked base gives life to a perfect duo for refinited and seducing desserts. Conceived with Pastry Chef Christophe Michalak. Made of 100% food-safe silicone.

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